925 Letter W Charm

925 Letter W Charm

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Dimensions- Length- 1.86cm, Width - 0.72cm

Wear your initials proudly and flaunt your style with this Letter W charm. It is one of those jewellery pieces that never goes out of fashion. This charm also makes an amazing gift for your friend or any other significant person. You can also use the letters to spell out your favourite words like Love, Dreamer, etc. Accentuate your style by wearing this Charm.

Wearing letter and symbol charms is in vogue as each letter has a special meaning for everyone- it can be their name initial, loved one's name initial or a word that plays a significant role in their life.This letter W pendant charm is set in pure sterling silver and comes with a pure silver locking clip. It can be worn alone as a pendant on your favourite chain or it can complement any charm bracelet or necklace.

Pure 925 sterling silver. Lead and Nickel Safe.

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